Bidadari Hati

Friday, March 04, 2005

the one about badrul and... well... the sepet gathering...

today's the day... akhirnya malam nih akan pergi tengok sepet... i'm excited! excited about the movie and excited about the gathering... some i belum pernah jumpa lagih... that makes it more interesting... meeting new friends! and of course, some familiar faces!! since i don't want to impose any time line (well, all of us are adults anyway), i just hope that all of us can be there on time... again, i will be in klcc with some friends by 7.00pm and will be happy if you want to join us for dinner... calling calling lah yek... kalau sesiapa yang takda my phone number tuh, you can get it from sultanmuzaffar or you can email me before 12.00noon (sebelum sembahyang jumaat lah) and i will email to you my phone number... remember, the movie is at 9.00pm kat klcc...

here's the list again...

1. badrul
2. shonny
3. sultanmuzaffar
4. leen anaksedara
5. nart
6. waiem
7. ijinkiut
8. kak aidid
9. abg is
10. sahri
11. wink
12. cikanosweet
13. orgkampung
14. skylar
15. rose
16. nhk
17. nana
18. sempoii
19. adifashla
20. linb
21. rudi bluehikari
22. hemo hemo
23. iffa
24. abg salim
25. meesua
26. shaznilam
27. kak ainon
28. jolyn
29. ean
30. scov
31. aizad
32. faiz
33. nuar