Bidadari Hati

Thursday, July 07, 2005

the one about badrul and 'surat terbuka'...


leen tulis this 'surat terbuka' and hantar dekat i... it also reflected how i actually feel... sebab tuh i mintak permission dia untuk letakkan 'surat terbuka' ini kat my blog... the reason i want to put it here sebab kawan-kawan i (which is you) yang selalu baca my blog adalah yang berfikiran terbuka dan matang... and i really want to share it with you... thank you leen...

In reference to some sentiments that being going around about how AF telah change/rosakkan friendship – well I beg to differ.

I think if you are a true friend, things like this should be ABOVE your friendship. Kiranya, your difference taste (of AF students) should mar your friendship. That is to say, you know the intention of your friend yg supposedly did the personal attack on you to is doing it in jest. Kalau ikut statistics pun, beribu-ribu lemon orang suka Mawi, takkan lah takde among your circle of friends yg Mawi fans kan?

Aku kutuk Marsha kata dia gedik. Bad tak suka Reza kata dia mamat ’kencing’. Aku kutuk Kifli cakap dia Anak Ikan.

(For the record, let it be known, that i’ve never kutuk-ed Mawi before. Aku kutuk peminat fanatic mawi ada lah – there’s a difference- albeit, a subtle one).

Tapi with all this kutuk mengutuk nih – do I amek pot of what Bad, Kak Aidid, etc think about Reza? No, because I don’t care what *YOU* say. In the same vein, I don’t care about what they say about Reza because I know, at the end of the day, I am still friends to them. My respect still remains for Bad, Kak Aidid, Waiem etc. (AKU AMEK CONTOH TIGA NAMA KALAU TAKDE DALAM INI LIST TOLONG JANGAN KECIK HATI DAN HANTAR SMS “TEST” KAT AKU OCCAY) They liking Mawi/Idayu/whatever will not make me think less of them. As I hope me liking Reza will not make them think less of me.

So when you say it’ll break friendship, I rasa macam tak sebab our love and trust for each other runs deeper than our fascination for these kids who only came to our lives 1 month back and will only stay for awhile. Unless that friendship is only superficial lah. Tapi kalau friendship yg saya anggap sohabat idup mati gittew, I think, personally mine wouldn’t. Menyampah2 aku pun masa Kak Aidid over dengan Fitri tahun lepas *gelak getik* aku takde lah nak tak kawan dia. Dia pun takde la nak merajuk hati dengan kita org sebab kita org kutuk Fitri. Dia pedulik apa. Pada dia, suka hati dia, dia suka Fitri, at the end of the day, it’s my money and you’re still my friend.

So kalau ada lah orang yg kecik ati dengan my jest ni...i’m sorry to say, then it means you don’t know Leen very well. I’m sorry to say that that means our friendship ni is only on superficial basis aje nampaknya. Tak deep. Sebab aku tak kenal kau enough to know that you will get kecik hati with my jest, and you tak kenal enough to know that I am only jesting. Bark worst than bite kinda thing.

ditto leen!