Bidadari Hati

Friday, January 06, 2012

and the week end is here...

i've had a busy week. including today. but i enjoy every minute of it. from my normal jobs and usual chores, to spontaneous dinners and meeting friends... it's everything that i'm looking forward to on daily basis. school registration and routines, birthday celebrations, preparing quotations, meeting up with clients, designer, scheduling, tv interviews, magazine photo shoots, watching movies, dinners, catching up with friends, weddings and everything... love it!

but above all that, i can't help myself feeling lonely. i've been there almost all my life, so i guess it isn't that bad. like i said before, this year, i'm going to chill and enjoy the ride. all i need to do is to focus on what's important and things that really matters. and try to be happy with choices that i have made, and going to make. making the best of everything, every time... my motto: eat, pray, love! hahaha!

and now the week end is here... i'm hoping for a great time... no dramas! just pure fun!

owh, and if you have nothing to do and no where to go this weekend, don't forget to put your channel on astro 180, saturday at 8.30pm. kampus the musical series is on!

next week, another round of busy week, and i am so looking forward to it! have a blast weekend everyone...