Bidadari Hati

Thursday, January 12, 2012

and the time has arrived...

after months of rehearsing, now the time has arrived for the istana budaya concert. the king and queen of rock will be on the stage for the opening show tonight. only six show! from 12th to 15th of january, they will 'bring the house down'! okay, not literally, or we will have a problem with istana budaya... hahaha... i was at the istana budaya yesterday for their rehearsals, and let me tell you, goosebumps!

i know that this is the rock concert, but let me remind you that the place is still istana budaya, and for you who've bought the tickets, don't forget to obey the rules and regulations of istana budaya (no round-neck t-shirt, no slippers or torn jeans etc) nanti tak boleh masuk, jangan cakap you guys have not been warned! macam polis pulak! hahahaha

if you haven't got your ticket yet (you have to buy, of course!) get it now. i've seen the sitting maps, and every night is almost full, so you better hurry! i can assure you that this is not going to be like any other normal concert. they have gorgeous stage and there will be some spectacular lighting display etc, and of course, who can forget the real deal, ella and awie! and they have the longest medley ever!

so, i see you guys at istana budaya... hhmm.. i've been in istana budaya the same date last year... deja-vu!

picture by the story shooter