Bidadari Hati

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

the one about badrul and one stupid question in his mind...

adam was superb!

anoop going to be the next sanjaya?!?

gosshhh! seriously! from someone who was so likeable last week, and tonight on the first week of the top 12 finalists, he was so annoying! he talks too much... like sanjaya... he sang a song that was too big for him... like sanjaya... and if there is one stupid little girl crying over him, than he will definitely be like sanjaya... and honestly, stacy sang 'beat it' a thousand times better than anoop...

love megan!

there were two person pada pandangan i yang betul-betul memorable... one was adam lambert, performing 'black and white' macam freddie mercury, lead singer kumpulan the queen... muhahaha... okay, kalau you faham, you fahamlah... memang persembahan adam was superb! sampai i boleh ingat nombor undian dia... the second one for me was megan corkrey... wow! walaupun she doesn't received good comments from the judges, but to me her performance ada something special that i really enjoy it sampai senyum sorang-sorang... she is so pretty, and her attitude is so stunning... and of course she is so quirky...

shut up and sing, anoop!!!

i like danny and alexis performances as well... lil rounds and allison pun masih lagi dalam kategori memorable, though not so much... tak taulah apa surprise yang dorang nak buat during the elimination round tomorrow night... tak sabar nak tengok... kalau i nak rate kan or letakkan kedudukan in this week performance, it will be like this:

1. adam lambert
2. megan corkrey

3. danny gokey
4. alexis grace
5. lil rounds
6. allison iraheta

7. michael sarver
8. scott macintyre
9. matt giraud

10. jorge nunez
11. kris allen

12 jasmin murray
13. anoop desai

two people will be kicked out from the first week... who will go out? tepuk dada orang amerika, tanya dorang...